Having developed a soft spot for the North Texas startup scene, Rachel spent the last few years writing about and connecting with the entrepreneurs and dreamers that she loves. With a knack for building communities and getting shit done, Rachel has been able to establish herself as a powerhouse, despite her diminutive stature.

After a few BIG life changes, the Dallas chapter of her life is over (but she looks forward to getting back and visiting soon). There's a ton of new adventure to be had, and Rachel is no stranger to exploring -- either through travel, a creative project, or making new friends. She lives in the Roanoke, VA area these days -- the mountains and trees have called to her for too long now, and, let's be honest, she's always been a nature hippie.

Rachel loves learning new skills, and is currently working with a general contractor who (somehow) trusts her with a miter saw. She spends her free time discovering new music, laughing with friends, and avoiding networking events (especially if they require business cards). She has too many ideas for her next tattoo and will always find a way to be grateful.