Writing Assignment #1

So I did this thing, where I knew that I needed outside support, so I found a way to get it and stay accountable to people by starting a Facebook group

I want to make sure I'm writing more frequently -- especially for myself, because I'd like to improve and build good habits, and all of those other adult things that people aspire to. 

The first writing assignment was to write a paragraph (roughly), about yourself. But it should be written from the perspective of someone who's known you for more than a year. Here's my entry this week. 


Rachel is bubbly, and I know she's been told that before.

She cares deeply and laughs far too loud, and that's what makes her so warm. Rachel is figuring a lot of shit out right now. She's moved across the country, shifted into new roles, and she struggles with finding stability. Probably because she's still navigating that whole "life" thing, like all of us.

She's said that she feels "messy," but that's only because she's self-aware and highly critical. She is generous, she swears a lot, and loves until it hurts sometimes. 


Stay tuned for the next assignment - I post a prompt a week. And if you want to join in, go here!